The Okewood Hill Village Hall is the perfect venue for hosting your next special event, please see all information below.


The Hall is 17m x 7m and has seating for 100 people or 80 if a band is used.


There are 16 x 6ft tables and 16 x 3ft tables and options for round tables and an oval table


The kitchen is fully equipped for all types of events with a serving hatch into the main hall

There is sufficient crockery, plates and glasses for 100 people which is included in hire costs.


Toilets for all are also accessed from the entrance hall including a fully accessible one.


There is parking on site for 20-25 cars including 2 designated blue badge space.


There is a de-mountable stage 5m x 3m and curtains at the far end of the hall.

Ceiling speakers internal, CD Play: x 1, Radio Mic: x 2, Amplifier: x 1.


The hall boasts a beautiful oak floor – perfect for dancing!

There is a balcony at the rear with glass panels providing an uninterrupted view so that you can sit there and look at the beautiful surroundings.

Preparation/Clearing up 

All setting up and clearing up time must be included in your booking period.

Free Wi-Fi  

Now available at the Village Hall and the code to access this 

Rear Doors 

These lead down to the cricket ground via the paved slope.  

Central Heating  

This is controlled automatically and when cold enough will switch on 1 hr before the start of your booking and will turn off at the end of your session. Please do NOT adjust any of the individual radiator thermostats. 

Hot Water  

This is always available via the Combi Boiler by simply running any of the hot water taps. Please be aware the hot water can take a few minutes to come through.


The Premises will be cleaned prior to your arrival and we ask that the facilities are left clean and tidy at the end of your booking. Any decorations you choose to add to enhance the hall etc must not be attached to the painted walls, only to windows, doors and their wooden surrounds and must be taken down at the end of the period of hire, including any decorations used in the surrounding grounds. 

Brooms, mops, dustpan and brush can be found in store room behind the stage. 

Tables and chairs are located at the rear of the hall and are kept in place by a strap.  

A trolley is provided for moving the chairs. Please do not stack any more than 10 chairs onto the trolley for safety reasons.